604 Miles to Go

I’m still adjusting to running watch-less.  I enjoy how quick it is to get running, no more waiting around for a signal. I also enjoy the pressure-free pace. I am running by feel & have generally no idea what pace I am doing. I have wished for validation after some runs, but overall am still mostly enjoying just getting the miles in as I build back my fitness after my 2 month hiatus.

Monday: Yoga Revolution.Dirty Dozen Strength

wp-image-975202298jpg.jpg20170130_065959.jpgI completed the quick dirty dozen again this week. Then hunkered down with the Bachelor.  The show is SUCH trash, but I use the time to cut laminated stuff from work and a true zone out from everything else.

Tuesday: Yoga Revolution. 2 miles

20170131_220930.jpgwp-image-658274586jpg.jpgThere was a bit of a dusting of snow so I laced up in my trail shoes and headed out for 2 miles. I left Foster Herman at home, but brought Marcy dog with me.  She was very excited to get some miles in – as I’ve been leaving her home with Herman most days.

Wednesday: Rest

I was exhausted.  I had a beer and banana chips and promptly went to bed.  I had wanted to do dirty dozen again, but it just didn’t happen.

Thursday: AM: 3 miles

20170202_075437.jpgAfter a few delays in the morning, I was able to meet Lindsey for a suny loop. It took me a bit to warm up (both from the cold temperature & from just overall stiffness. But the miles go by a lot quicker when you chat about anything and everything. I love the morning running, but am still not there to make it an every day affair.

Friday: 3 miles

20170203_170246.jpgI had accidentally left my running clothes in my car on Thursday, which ended up being my saving grace.  It had been a long week and I knew that if I made it to my house, I’d end up coming up with an excuse to skip my run.  So I put on my pre-worn gear and drove directly to SUNY Albany on my way home from work.

Saturday: 3 miles

I decided to head up to Lions Park for a few miles, I needed a bit of a scenery change from SUNY. I don’t know that park quite as well , so I decided to run out for about 17 minutes before turning around.  I assume I am running at least 11 minute miles and covered 3 miles.

Sunday: rest

I had meant to meet Fleet Feet in Malta for a group run, but after meeting a friend out for a drink at the speakeasy, I didn’t set an alarm and slept in late for me (7:30!)  I had reached out to some friends in the Saratoga area about coming over for a visit, so I still got dressed and drove up to spend the morning with friends and their children.  As I was heading home I realized it was my boyfriend’s mom’s birthday, so I stopped by for a visit.  After a nice visit, I headed home with the intention of letting the dogs out & then heading for a run.  Once I got home I had a big drink of water and realized it was the first glass I had had all day. Knowing that I had Monday as a planned rest I decided to stay home and hydrate to knock out the miles the next day.

Overall, I am sticking with the workouts and am eager for lighter evenings and a bit warmer temperatures. (40s-50s would be perfect!)

Miles this week: 11

Total Miles: 20


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