583 Miles To Go (vmc training week 3)

I am really starting to feel the cobwebs shake free and get back into the running groove that I was in during the fall.  While looking back at my log from the fall, I find it a bit hard to believe I was running SO MUCH. I am eager to get back to that level again, but I don’t feel like my fitness is there just yet. The weather this week made getting in all the runs a bit more of a challenge:

Monday: 4 miles

Monday was suppose to be a rest day, but after skipping Sunday, I headed out for 4 miles on my way home from work. Normally I prefer to go home first, but the dark & cold drain my motivation, so I’ve been making a point to go running before I am reunited with my couch.

Tuesday: Unplanned Rest

We had some gnarly weather on Tuesday.  So much rain, but since it was hovering on freezing, it was closer to slush. I left school dressed ready to run, but as I got closer to SUNY I just couldn’t make it happen. I don’t own a rain shell & I only had earmuffs. Running in slush was just asking to be a mess.

Wednesday: 4 miles

4 very lovely miles. Definitely worth swapping rest days to avoid the slushfest yesterday. Vermont City Marathon W3D3

A photo posted by Christine (@christinefromalbany) on Feb 8, 2017 at 6:46pm PST

Initially Wednesday was my rest day, so I planned to go to dinner with my college roommate.  Not wanting to miss my run or my dinner plans, I hauled out of school on time and ran before meeting up for dinner.  It was a bit of a hustle, but I’m glad I was able to make it work.

Thursday: unplanned rest

Being an adult means I had 90% of the ingredients for a bloody mary on this beautiful snowy thursday. #adulting #snowday

A photo posted by Christine (@christinefromalbany) on Feb 9, 2017 at 6:29am PST

The forecast for Thursday was initially 4-7 inches of snow.  Being born and raised from Upstate NY that equals at best a 2 hour delay for school & cleared roads within an hour of the snow stopping.  I had thought I’d get the chance to get my run in, but the snow didn’t stop until 4pm.  By then there was over foot in most areas. I opted to stay off the roads.

Friday: AM 3 miles

Feeling badass.3 miles the morning after a blizzard in single digit temps. Vermont City Marathon W3D5.

A photo posted by Christine (@christinefromalbany) on Feb 10, 2017 at 6:04am PST


Lindsey and I have been consistent with meeting up on Thursday Mornings. The snow kept us from following through, but we decided to reschedule for Friday morning.  I was slow moving (after an entire day of doing nothing)  but I knew I had to run in the AM since my foster dog would be adopted later that evening. It was cold. About 8 degrees and I wore a lot of clothing ( Graced by Grit BICO tights, sweatpants, thermal top, fleece, ski mittens…) but once we got moving it genuinely felt fine. As I’ve been saying each week, I was glad I got the run done in the AM and I hope that as the temperatures rise & mornings get brighter that I can add another morning run each week.

Saturday: 4 miles

While I enjoy fostering dogs,  I am not a particularly great dog trainer, so Herman presented some challenges for me. Mostly in the form of him shredding every piece of paper he could find and plastic cups that I didn’t even know I had. He had also started off forgetting house training (that we figured out together after a few days, but still)  my house was in need of a deep deep clean. I spent most of the morning mopping the floors, and just putting life back in order. Lindsey had asked if I was interested in running at SUNY in the afternoon and I jumped on the chance for accountability and company.  I brought Marcy dog along for the run, since now without the foster – she needs an outlet for her energy.  I felt really really great. I had mistakenly thought the path might be a bit snowy (as it had snowed again over night) so I was wearing my trail shoes  – which have caused some temporary calf tightness but otherwise my legs and lungs were working together!  After I headed up to my HS friends home to hang out and play a new to us card game called “the voting game”  it was pretty funny and definitely enjoyed many good laughs. I got home really late (for me 12:15ish)  and promptly crawled into bed.

Sunday: 5.5ish miles


With yet another storm coming through I knew that I had to get out early. After a late night, I was struggling but I laced up ( totally in the exact clothes I ran in the evening before – seriously motivation was real low, the faster I was dressed and out the door the better my chances)  Marcy dog and I headed over to run SUNY + State Employee Campus for somewhere in the ballpark of 5.5ish miles. There were a handful of other people out looking to beat the storm when I first started & even ran into Lindsey & her friend.  ( nothing makes me happier than seeing people I know while out running)  State Campus was lonely, but I did see a few more groups on the outer loop.  As I was headed back to SUNY & the car, is when I saw runners everywhere.  The winter series race had been canceled, but clearly people still wanted their run.  It was inspiring to see so many people just getting it done, with no excuses. Being among them truly inspired me and I finished my run strong.

Overall a solid week.  I did miss one 4 mile run that I am hoping to squeeze in to tomorrows rest day.  But I feel like I did my best considering all the weather this week.

Miles this week: 21

Total Miles: 41


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