562 Miles to go (VCM week 4)

What a week.  I honestly don’t know how the children know when we are approaching a vacation, but they do. Or it could just be my overall attitude. But either way, it was a long week.

Monday: dirty dozen+stretching

Monday was my rest day and I was happy to be surprisingly motivated to do the dirty dozen workout and 20 minutes of stretching. I increased the reps for seveal of the exercises with DD and could tell that I am slowly getting stronger.

Marcy dog and I cross training together.

Tuesday: am: 3 mile run. pm: 75 minute warm yoga.
Lindsey and I met up Tuesday morning to do our run. I had no conflicts in the afternoon, but I do like having my afternoons free. I felt good as we made our way around SUNY.  Because I had run, I was able to make it to my favorite yoga class.  It had been 2 months since I’d gone to a public class and it seemed to be exactly what I needed. It didn’t hurt that it gave me something to do on Valentines night as my boyfriend and I don’t live in the same state.


Each year we make hot chocolate in my class for Valentines Day

Wednesday: 5 miles ish (55 minutes)

During the past few weeks, Wednesday has been my rest day. With travel plans for Friday, Marcy dog and I headed over to SUNY for a run. There was an athletic game of sorts, so the community lot was closed. Instead I parked about .5 miles down the road and then ran to the campus.  I felt great. I still have no idea about pace, but my fitness is definitely improving.

Marcy dog enjoying a clear sidewalk. Cheers Albany!

Thursday: AM: 3 miles

Just minutes after finishing my run Wednesday night, I sent a text to Lindsey to see if she wanted to run in the morning. I had a lot of errands and packing to do in the evening, so I suspected that I’d find a way to skip it. Luckily she agreed. I am getting better & used to the AM running, but haven’t quite hit the running solo in the  AM yet. I was extra glad we ran in the morning, because it ended up being a very windy afternoon

Friday: rest/travel

I had fully intended on completing the dirty dozen and stretching route, but my day ended up quite full. I had a training at work until noon and them had some loose ends to take care of in my classroom. After I decided to quickly stop at LLBean in hopes of finding a new coat. Their prices were insane, so I stopped at Sears to look at the Lands End line. I picked a great day because there were incredible sales! After a lot of indecision, I made my way to the airport. I had thought I would stretch & workout in Chicago – only to realize I was flying into O Hare and not Midway (midway has a yoga room) and my flight landed the same time my connection was boarding. Strength & stretching were abandoned.

Chicago Airport

Saturday: 50 minute run

Joe and I had plans over the weekend to head up to Steamboat Springs to meet up with some of his friends. We weren’t getting a particularly early start, but I couldn’t decide if I wanted to run in Denver or Steamboat. Ultimately I knew Denver was the better choice rather than postponing the run. I ran a loop similar to one Joe and I had done in October. I felt surprisingly good, despite the altitude change. (Albany: 312 vs Denver 5,130ish)

Sunday: 55 minute run (half up hill!)

On sunday most everyone at the condo headed off to do winter related activities. (snowshoeing / skiing)  was invited to join all, but decided instead to head out for my run.  Since Monday would be a rest day, I opted to keep running up hill also in hopes of catching some of the view that was mentioned from the top of the mountains.  The hill plus still adapting to the altitude, forced me to stop a few times to catch my breath, but once my heart would retreat from my ears, I continued on.  Overall, I felt pretty good – most of my discomfort came from my heart & lungs, not my legs.

I am quite pleased with how the week turned out.  With winter weather & travel on tap, it would have been easy to come up wtih excuses to skip workouts.  I am still aiming for two strength and stretching routines a week, but even committing to once a week is more than I did for the Philly Marathon.
This upcoming week is my last week without my watch. Also my last week of base building.  I am curious to see how I’ve progressed and how it compares to Philly training (although the weather/temperature does offer a lot of variables.)

Miles this week: 21

Total Miles: 62

Cities run in: Albany, NY; Denver, CO; Steamboat Springs, CO


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