458 Miles to Go

My runners high from week 7 definitely carried over to week 8.  I was able to run all of my scheduled miles (& and an extra) and I continue to feel great. (aside from a pesky post nasal gunk falling into my lungs.) We had over 2 feet of snow fall here in Albany but it didn’t cause for me to miss any runs. The runners high has a bit of a snowball effect and I am determined to keep up the momentum this week.

Monday: 10k (6.25) pace: 10:42


It was cold on Monday (feels like 1) so I wore nearly everything I own. It might have been that since I didn’t wear the winter coat I wore the previous 2 days, it only felt colder… At any rate, I ran 3 miles with Lindsey and then continued for another SUNY loop on my own.  I was torn between stopping at 5 or 6 (as both were on my schedule but with all the talk of the winter storm, I decided to go for the 6 total. In the evening I took Marcy for an hour walk & I did 15 minutes of stretching and roughly 5 minutes of core work.

Tuesday: SNOW!

It snowed hard all day. I have studded snow-tires, but I had no reason to leave my house.  I rested and acquired a grand total of 2,000 steps.  I did complete my 15 minutes of stretching & a few push ups, but I had earned this rest day so I was going to damn well enjoy it.

Wednesday: AM: 10k (6.25) pace 11:30


Lindsey and I had optimistically thought that since SUNY wasn’t listed as being closed, that the sidewalks would be clear. (although most every single school was delayed 2 hours) it turns out SUNY was on spring break.  But the road was clear enough to run with yaks, so we simply ran the loop on the main road.  It wasn’t ideal since there were plows out there trying to get the campus up and running, but with very little traffic it was still the safest outdoor option. We were far slower than usual as we made our way on lightly packed snow.  That evening I did stretching and core work as I spent the evening trying to convince myself to run solo in the morning.

Thursday: PM:  5.20 miles pace: 10:14


I had tried to recruit someone to join me in the morning, but Karen wasn’t totally into the idea & Lindsey was taking the day off. I do really enjoy the morning run, but still not quite enough to make it happen on my own.  I suspect when its a touch warmer & lighter in the morning, I’ll be able to pull myself out the door.  At any rate, evening runs mean that I can run with Marcy dog.  We headed over to tried and true SUNY. Most sidewalks in the city aren’t cleared and streets are more narrow, that while suny hadn’t cleared their loop yet, the road there was still safer than anywhere else (outdoors)  I felt surprisingly good.  I had bargained with myself that if I had run at least 3 it would be enough, but sure enough I felt strong enough to get my scheduled 5.

Friday: AM 10k-ish (6.36) pace 10:57


Lindsey and I met for a double loop session at SUNY. Still no consistant sidewalks but the packed snow was gone. I cut it a bit close for work & will definitely need to start earlier as my miles increase if I want to keep up the morning running.

Saturday: Barn Loop: 12.09 Pace 11:21


In case it isn’t evident yet, I really enjoy my boring route of SUNY Albany with occasional tours of the State Employee Campus.  In San Diego I ran in 3 places ( from my apartment to Sunset Cliffs, Mission Bay Park, and Los Penasquitos Canyon)  They are all a lot more visually stunning than SUNY Albany, but I loved them for the s ame reason I love this route, because I know it. At any rate, Karen wanted to run some hills before running the Syracuse Half Marathon next weekend.  There was an ARE group run completing the Barn Loop, that I had heard of & was mildly curious about. The group was meeting the same place as my long runs start anyways, so Karen and I met there to decide.  As much as I would have preferred SUNY, I came prepared to say yes to Karen, I had brought my fuel belt, handheld water, and left Marcy dog at home.  So I agreed.  It was a nice run, definitely hilly and scenic through the semi-rural parts of Guilderland.  We took our time, walked while refueling and hustled up the hills best we could.  I’m glad I took a chance on the loop, although I’m not sure when I’ll decide to run it again.  In the evening I did remember to stretch & core work after taking 2 days off.

Sunday: 4.19 Miles Pace 10:18


I wasn’t sure what to expect on Sunday.  Since my usual routes don’t include a lot of hill climb, my legs were definitely feeling it.  I was surprised when my first mile was in the 10:30s and even more so when I finished with an average pace of 10:18 ( which is my marathon goal pace)  Because of the the added 2 miles on Saturday and random spare mileage after other runs, I was able to cut this run short by 2 miles ( was scheduled to be 6) and still finish the week with a mile over the weekly goal mileage ( 39).  I felt incredible and considered hauling out for the remaining 2, but I decided to end on a high note ( and to stop at a few pokestops in the heart of the college campus. ):


Overall it was a fantastic week.  Flying high and moving forward!

Miles this week: 40.34

Total Miles: 165


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