404 miles to go

After Syracuse half & recovery from my cold, I was eager to jump back into training.  The challenge this week was that Joe was in town visiting. This meant I wanted to spend as much time with him and less time running, but still maintain training as the Marathon creeps closer. I did manage to keep most of my mileage. But did take an additional rest day.

Monday(3/27) Rest

I took a guilt free day & Joe and I took a pokemon walk around the Empire State Plaza. In the evening I did 15 minutes of stretching with some abs and push ups.

Tuesday(3/28):  5 miles (10:11)
It was raining and I had zero interest in running.  In fact, I was laying in bed moaning about going running when Joe collected his running gear, when I asked what he was doing he replied “going for a run”  I let out a bunch of unkind words at him and got up and got dressed.  I took him on the lovely SUNY loop tour & Marcy dog was able to come join us too.  We were definitely running WAY too fast for my first run back after the half marathon ( this matters later in the week, i think.) but I was glad that Joe got me going.

Wednesday(3/29) 6.26 miles (10:57)

In order to get a run done and be back to get Joe that car, I had to get going early.  It wasn’t as springy of a run as the evening before, but one foot in front of the other got it done.

Thursday(3/30):  5.27 miles (10:37)

Another early start to run some miles before driving home to give Joe the car.  The downside of  living in the suburbs of a smaller city.  ( no uber and weak public transport) I was surprisingly over dressed for the 32 degree temps. I have finally acclimated to the weather.

Friday(3/31): Rest

I had wanted to get the miles in – but it was so miserable.  It rained so much. so so much.  Instead I hunkered home with Joe and we watched The Big Short.

Saturday(4/1): 7 miles (10:36):

Joe’s flights were changed due to weather out west, so I wanted to be able to take advantage of the extra time with him. Since he didn’t express much interest in running with me, I packed a bag for him to bring down to Cider Belly Donuts and I set off to run there.  It was an easy route  & I enjoyed the variation from tried and true SUNY.  After we enjoyed a donut before heading over to Ama Cocina where we ate our weight in amazing food.  Our day continued with a daytime beer at Rare Form, Tea & cards at his mothers house & eventually some ice cream from Country Drive -In for dinner.  (all fantastic food choices.)

Sunday(4/2): 10.28 miles ( 11:10)

Joe had an early flight so I was up and got moving.  I had the most painful run I’ve had in ages.  Nothing and everything hurt.  I am not injured, but everything ached.  It was slow and miserable, but I consider this a gigantic mental win, since I didn’t quit.

It was tricky fitting in running & Joe and such, so I can only imagine how people do it with families and far more responsibilities than I do.

Miles this week: 34.06

Total Miles: 218.4
**boring & no pictures it this draft has been sitting long enough!


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