438 Miles to Go

I am back dating some of my training logs, but since I’ve actually started using my Believe I am journal, I have a solid memory of my training.  After a stellar week of 40 miles, I got sick. It was mostly a cold, but it nearly flattened me for a few days.

Monday (3/20): Rest

Plague.  I felt awful.  I had thought that maybe I could force out a few more miles in denial about being sick. Ultimately it didn’t happen.  Later that evening I took Robitussin and ended up sleeping for nearly 16 hours.

Tuesday (3/21): Sleep -a thon


I felt terrible,  I had completely slept through my alarm.  When Lindsey called ( to actually say she wasn’t feeling great and was moving slow) I finally woke up and apologized profusely before sending a text to my school admin that I wouldn’t be in & slept for the rest of the day.  I slept for about 16 hours with a few breaks for tea and soup. By the early evening, I forced myself up and out to return a library book in hopes of starting to feel human again.

Wednesday (3/22): Rest

I still didn’t feel great, the cough was gone, but the robittiesn hangover continued. Plus my face was on a mission to drain.

Thursday (3/23): 3 miles (10:37)


Lindsey and I met at SUNY for a few miles.  We were both on the mend from being sick, so it was an easy effort pace.  I had considered going for 5 miles, but after being flattened for 3 days, I didn’t see the point in overdoing it.
Friday (3/24): 3 miles (10:34)

I made my way out for another 3 mile run. I was feeling a life time better than I was on Monday, but since I knew I wasn’t going to come near the 40 miles scheduled, I just wanted to keep my legs moving.

Saturday (3/25):  Rest

I had planned to get at least 3 more miles before heading to Syracuse, but I had a very long to do list to complete.  I had offered to drive, so my car desperately needed to be cleaned, plus Joe was going to be in town & my house needed to look a lot less frat-boy ish.  By the time I completed my item, it was time for Lindsey to head out.

Sunday (3/26): Syracuse Half Marathon ( 2:15:41)

I plan to do a proper recap of the race & weekend but it was far better weather than last year & I enjoyed the run & where I am currently at for Marathon training!

Miles this week: 19.34

Total Miles: 184.34


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