324 miles to go

Monday (4/10): 5.26 (10:44 pace )

(All the chafe issues from warm weather)

After the previous days 17 miler, I wasn’t sure how this would go. I was pleased at how well I felt. It seems crazy, but I often feel better after multiple days of running than I do running after a rest day. 

Tuesday (4/11): 8.34

 Karen, Lindsey and I headed out for an AMrun. Because we met a smidge earlier than when just Lindsey and I run, I decided to squeeze in one of my longer runs for the week since I would be  traveling. My body felt good & I felt super badass for running 8 miles before school.
Wednesday (4/12): rest

Both Karen and Lindsey were traveling for work &it was raining, so I decided to use my rest card and sleep in.

Thursday (4/13): 6.48

With both running ladies still away, and plans to see some live music later that evening, I knew I had to get my run done in the morning. Amazingly, I was up & out ready to go, mostly on time. My body was a bit off and I needed to pee twice (which accounts for the extra .20 than usual) 
Friday (4/14): 10 (10:24)

Lindsey & I met at usual time despite me having the day off. I had a ticket for a 4pm train and a 10pm flight. Running in the AM allowed to get it done & clean my house before vacation. I was shocked our pace, since lately we’ve been around 10:40s
Saturday (4/15): 6 miles (11:13)

Luckily I wasn’t able to get into my room straightaway when I arrived in Dublin, so it forced me to stay awake and sightsee. After riding the hop on/  hop off bus, I had a decent lay of the land. Once I got into my room , I got dressed and headed out for 6 miles. It was slow and uncomfortable after sad sleep on the  airplane, but I got it done and stayed up until a reasonable hour.
Sunday (4/16): 4.62

After taking advantage of the breakfast, I figured I should run/sightsee to some of the spots I drove by the previous day. I ran to stephens green, st. Patrick’s cathedral, Dublin castle, and Trinity college. I would have run for an even 5 miles, but my route brought be back & I was done.

A few accomplishments this week: a solo morning run and running while in Dublin.

Miles this week: 40.93

Total miles: 298


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