364 Miles to go

I am still a smidge behind in running logs. Which are 90% for me 5% for people googling Hanson’s 5% for others googling Vermont City Marathon.

In the interest in moving these posts along quickly, I am going to skip photos. It doesn’t hurt that this week my new phone took a plunge into the toliet. So most of the pictures were on my old phone while I waited for the new one to dry. ( which it did!!!!) 

Monday:(4/3) stretch/walk with Marcy

My legs felt so dead. Everything felt a bit wonky and misaligned. I laced up and brought Marcy to SUNY full intending to get some miles in, but with in the first 2 minuted I decided to call it and walk instead. I did

Tuesday:(4/4) AM 5.23 (11:08) 

I met Lindsey for some morning miles. My scale was reading up 7 pounds from the night before. (Salt, period?!) But I felt miserable. My heart and lungs did not seem to want to cooperate.  We both stuck it out and ran our 5 mile route.

Wednesday:(4/5) AM 5.24 (11:03)

Our pace was still on the slower side, but I felt loads better. The humidity was high and I thought maybe that’s why my lungs & heart were freaking out? Not entirely sure but my muscles & body definitely felt more normal.

Thursday:(4/6) AM 6.25 (watch less)

I had left my watch at school the previous day, so I had to run naked. In years past, my watch being at school would have been reason enough for me to delay a run. Aside from all the other obvious strengths I’ve gained from running this year, my decline in excuses is one I am most proud of. I ran two loops of SUNY, I am grateful for this route since it makes it easy to get it done.

Friday:(4/7) AM 6.26 (

Friday morning was another double loop. After 3 tough days, I was relieved to have steady paces that felt good. 

Saturday: (4/8) rest

I am not as young as I once was. I stayed out way too late and while I didn’t have an alcohol hangover, I did have a tired one. By the evening I got dressed and drove over to SUNY and then proceeded to sot there until I decided to leave. Not my finest moment, but I was tired and it was windy.

Sunday: (4/9) 17 (10:38)

Lindsey and I set out to knock off some miles. I am again forever grateful fpr Lindsey, who got me started on mknring running & agrees to do 10 miles when she is currently in maintence mode before her Marathon training. She ran 2 SUNY & state campus loops with me before I hurried off for one more on my own. My legs were definitely feeling it by mile 16, but I was able to squeeze out one more to put my week total over 40.

The week had stared rough, but I definitely gained momentum . it was a big confidence booster to my endurance.

Miles this week:  40

Miles total: 258


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